So here's my dilemma, and the dilemma of my teammates and others.

Trello is not very good at tracking personal tasks. I've tried and failed several times to come up with a good way to use Trello for simple daily tasks. In addition, it's not super friendly for just viewing the cards that are assigned to you. These personal cards live on a separate page

Trello is a great project management tool that I couldn't live without out it but I find myself constantly seeking the comfort of other todo list apps. I miss the simplicity of being able to just enter a task without having to think of what board and/or list it belongs in.


Build a simple checklist feature, accessible from any board, that would allow a user to track basic tasks, as well as get an overview of upcoming cards they are assigned to.



I, as well as my teammates, have lots of 'Action Items.' These are tasks that only involve yourself yet are hard to find a place for. These aren't full projects or even a part of a project, just something that needs to be done outside the scope of any one project.

Organizing these tasks has proven difficult. They can clutter up a board shared with teammates, and having a dedicated board for yourself can be overkill. My personal board just ended up with one two lists; To-do and Done. 

I have even gone as far as to setup an automation in IFTTT that takes any card assigned to me and duplicates it on my personal board. This became cumbersome to manage two of the same card and I quickly found myself no longer excited about using Trello for my personal todo list.


At the beginning of brainstorming this project I was careful to consider what Trello has already done with their Cards. My goal was to not replace their card system, but to supplement it with what I am calling 'Tasks.'

Tasks have fewer features than cards. Tasks cannot be assigned members and cannot include comments from other members. Tasks CAN have due dates, description, notes, attachments, etc.

Some ideas grow into larger projects so if a Task grows to be bigger than itself, it can be easily converted to a card where it must immediately be given a home on a list on a board.

Alright, so now that I have the problem and solution identified, what does this thing look like? How does a user access it? How do you add tasks? Are Tasks visible on every view? Is it a full-page view, or just a show/hide list?

To start, I think it would be valuable to have access to a to-do list no matter where you are on Trello. My team has several boards and at any given point of the day, I'm on any one of them. It would be convenient to add a Task quickly, or view my Tasks, no matter what board I'm on.

Second, I think it would be valuable to also include the list of cards that are assigned to you alongside your Tasks. This would give you a good overview of what you need to do without ever leaving your current spot.

Lastly, I think there should be a full-page view of Tasks and Cards, with sorting and filtering mechanisms so you can see everything you need to-do, with plenty of room to do it.