Macbook Pro Mockup - Figma

A high-res mockup ready to accept any design. Pixel perfect dimensions of an actual MacbookPro screen.

When putting together your portfolio or a client presentation, it's always nice to give your work some context. This free mockup utilizes Figma's awesome Component functionality to instantly create a device mockup from your live design or screenshot.

This GIF shows how editing the Master automatically adjusts the mockup.

A few ways to use this mockup:

• Design inside the Master Component

• Paste any group or frame from another Figma file into the Master Component

• Paste a screenshot or other image file inside the Master Component

All methods will result in perfect mockup.

Included in the file:

• 4 Total Mockups

• Exportable frame is 2000px wide

• Screen on the mockup is 1440x900, exact dimensions of a MacbookPro frame in Figma

• Fully Vector

• 2 Light Version, 2 Dark Versions

• Each Colorway has an optional browser window overlay