Redesigning Accountingfly's Application Process

Redefining the application process for Accountingfly to increase conversion and improve the overall experience.
Product Management
Visual Design
Project Overview
At Accountingfly we regularly received feedback how our application process was repetitive. We were also observing low conversion rates on our job posting pages.

The biggest complaint was that we were requiring users to enter all of your Education and Work History and then also asking them to attach their resume. The process was time consuming and tedious so we set out to redefine this experience.
The re-designed application page.
Design Responsibilities
I wore all of the design hats at Accountingfly, so in addition to the research portion of the project, I was responsible for prototyping, designing and building the new process with HTML and CSS and committing my code using Git.
I started by interviewing our Account Managers and Employer users to find out, of the captured data, which information was necessary. We capture a lot of Work History and Education information, so I wanted to find out if they were even using it all.

During these interviews I determined that not only were they not making use of most of the information we capture, but it was cumbersome to get to the information they did need. Our users still had to mentally parse out information from what was provided. They had to add years of work experience in their head, look through their history and identify a Big 4 firm, etc..
A representation of the before/after of the application form.
Now, armed with more relevant data, we could build a much more useful Employer Portal with robust sorting. Users could easily sort and rank the most qualified applicants.

For our accountant users, they could now enter very specific career data. I believe this helped establish trust with our brand and platform as it showed users that we understood their profession at a deeper level.
After release we saw a 20% increase in conversion on our application page as well as a 100% increase in number of application per visitor. I definitely chalk this up to the page being more digestible and not as intimidating as the prior version.

We surveyed random applicants and received very positive feedback on how they appreciated that they only had to enter a few key data points in order to submit an application.