Designing the Jurispect Platform for Launch

During Jurispect's debut into the market, I worked with their team to help define the UI, UX and Visual Design of their platform.
Visual Design
Project Overview
Jurispect was a platform for monitoring the regulatory space and how it could potentially affect your business. We needed users to effectively understand a potentially complicated platform. Rules needed to be clearly labeled and team communication was just as important. We set out to design something that accomplished both, while staying friendly and approachable.
The Jurispect homepage.
Design Responsibilities
My experience as an in-house designer at other startups is what convinced the Jurispect team to hire me to prepare their site and platform for launch. I was tasked with designing the brand, homepage and platform UI. I worked with all stakeholders in the company to understand the vision for Jurispect and execute a cohesive launch.

For the purposes of this case study we'll focus on the platform itself.
I worked closely with Jurispect's founder and CEO to understand why the company, the users and problem they were trying to solve. We worked together on building out the logo, illustrations and eventually the platform itself.

The Jurispect team was very involved. Nearly everyone on the team, regardless of professional background, weighed in on design decisions.

After talking with everyone, a few key elements rose to the surface:
  • Rule Status - Where is the rule in the long process
  • Collaboration - Team Members needed to see the company's activity
  • Recent Activity - Comments on rules, change in status, task assignments, etc.
The Jurispect Dashboard
I used the information I gathered to decide on a split-view workspace.

The left side of the screen was used for primary information, and the right side was a sidebar for displaying the internal communications for the primary view. These views would change based on what you were looking at, but it allowed the user to always see the internal activity without having to navigate or scroll away.
Viewing an individual rule.
Color was used as the primary way to communicate the rule status as well as the overall opinion of the comments on the rule.
Post Mortem
Jurispect was definitely a quick launch. With a few more years of experience under my belt, if I had to do Jurispect all over again, I'd request to talk with more users, do some A/B testing and more prototyping in general. Even with a close launch date, we could have performed some basic tests that would have helped us gain some more insight.