Case Study

Redesigning Oportun's Loan Application Experience

Redesigning Oportun's loan application experience for mobile devices to be more visually interesting and easier to use.
Visual Design
Project Overview
Oportun, a lender for the underserved, asked me to redesign their mobile application process for loans. They felt the current design was lacking some character and wasn't really communicating important information as well as it could.
An overview of my redesign.
Design Responsibilities
For this project I was responsible mostly for giving the pages a visual update. But was also asked to consider the UI/UX for interactive parts of the loan application process like the 'Add Debt' section.
I started by learning about Oportun's audience through conversations with their Product Manager.

I was hoping to gain some insight on how familiar users were with UI elements like hamburger menus, swipe gestures, etc. This could help guide my general thinking of how to approach the UI. For example, could I push for more interesting and "cutting edge" interaction types.

Some helpful information I learned:
  • Largest user group is 25-34 yo, second largest is 35-44yo
  • Most users fall into the lower income brackets
  • Most users have no credit history
Left: Current; Right: My version

I decided that my approach would try and tackle a couple of specific areas.

First, I wanted to elevate the brand a bit. Users were generally familiar with financial insitutions and their mobile apps so I wanted to give them the same perception of Oportun.

Second, I wanted to audit the pages and give them some best practices updates. Things like form labels, placeholder text, hierarchy, etc.. Just bring things inline with the web standards.

Finally, I wanted to establish a basic card system to better organize the information throughout the process and use it to create some interesting depth on the page.
How I presented the new Forms design.
The updated Debts screen
The updated screen for being pre-approved for a loan.
Post Mortem
In hindsight, there a few data points that I should have let better inform my decisions.

First of all, knowing that most users were low income, I should have leaned the overall visual direction more towards Material Design. Users in the lower income brackets typically will use an android device.