Sr. Product Designer
2022 - Present

Product Designer
2019 - Present

Head of Product
2012 - 2019

Hippy Social
Product Designer
2011 - 2012


I've been helping companies plan, design and develop their digital products since 2011. I've worked mostly with early-stage startups, but I’ve also designed products for enterprise and publicly traded companies.

My interest in computer graphics started way back in the '90s when I would spend hours drawing drawing castles and using the "brick" fill pattern on my Grandmother's Tandy.

But even before that I was obsessed with drawing characters from Disney movies, comic strips like Calvin and Hobbs, and Nickelodeon shows.

I enrolled in web design and digital publishing electives in high school and that's when I realized I could combine my interest in computers and art and pursue a career in Graphic Design.

College was mostly about studying print design, package, branding, etc.

I remember being in an Identity Design course at SCAD, learning about pre-press production, color matching and Pantones and thinking "This sounds so complicated. Designing for web is so much easier"

I loved the immediacy of designing for web. I loved that I could design something, upload it and it was accessible from anywhere, essentially for free. No paper selection, no printing cost. I loved making things on the computer; building things. Thus began the road to focusing on web as a career.

I realized around this time that my love for design and art really boiled down to enjoying "building" things. Whether that be drawing, models, LEGO, or whatever. This enjoyment is what ultimately became my love for software and products.

Professional Career

After short stints at a local advertising and web development agencies, I began really focusing on UI and UX, which led to me leaving my job as a web designer and joining my first startup as the Founding Designer on Hippy Social, a location-based messaging app we launched in both the App Store and Play Stores.

Next I was fortunate to move on to another local startup, CollegeFrog, (now called Accountingfly) as Product Designer.

It was here at Accountingfly that I discovered my interest and curiosity for the business side of product design. How truly understanding customers, revenue, etc. was a powerful tool to have as a designer.

Product Designer is where I started, but was eventually promoted to Head of Product where I worked closely with our CEO, Account Managers, Sales and Engineering team to build a roadmap for our product, plan sprints, releases and more, while still contributing as a Product Designer.

Accountingfly eventually found itself in a tough spot, trying to build a disruptive business in an industry still very much in the 20th century technologically. This forced us to pivot to a service model and away from the custom software we built. Accountingfly is still alive today and just finished it's first $1M year (2021).


Savannah College of Art and Design
B.F.A. Graphic Design
Graduated Summa Cum Laude
2009, Savannah, GA

Pensacola Junior College
A.A.S. Graphic Design
Graduated Summa Cum Laude
2007, Pensacola, FL

Projects & Involvement

Startup Weekend
Lead Organizer, Coach
Pensacola, FL

Pensacola Designers
Pensacola, FL
2016 - Present